Prince Explorer Gin

Prince Explorer Gin

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Often referred to as ‘le Prince Explorateur’ and the ‘Prince of the Seas’, Prince Albert I was a visionary and profoundly humanistic man. As a pioneering oceanographer, he led over 28 expeditions and initiated some of the most important maritime scientific campaigns of his time, spanning from the Mediterranean to the Arctic. Onboard his advanced research yachts - the Hirondelle and the Princesse Alice II among others - he contributed to innumerable oceanographic studies and notably charted the North Atlantic Gulf Stream currents.

The Prince Explorer First Batch is the result of a unique challenge put forth by the founders, to create an innovative yet perfectly balanced gin - one which combined the refreshing brightness of Mediterranean citrus with the complexity and sharpness of select peppercorn varieties from around the world. 

After several years of research and development, a harmonious assemblage was born - ‘the First Batch’. 

This spirit, distilled in a 19th century copper alembic, is produced in extremely limited quantities. The botanicals and peppercorns that we rigorously select are sourced from small producers with traditional harvesting methods.